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Nicotine, Alcohol and Tobacco Modules for students and professionals.

Masters modules in 2018:
These modules run annually and are well attended by professionals and academics from all over the world.

"Tobacco Control Interventions"
29th Jan - 2nd Feb 2018
University of Nottingham

This module held at the University of Nottingham is worth 10 credits for students and can be taken as a stand-alone module. The course is taught by leading academics and practitioners and is comprised of a combination of lectures, discussion groups and debates.

This year we will be discussing important factors in tobacco control including; youth smoking, the role of the tobacco industry, use of mass media for smoking prevention and cessation, smokefree legislation, harm reduction and the neurobiology of nicotine addiction.

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“Alcohol, Problems, Policy & Practice”
5th - 9th February 2018
Kings College London

We are excited to run a 30 Credit Masters module in alcohol as part of the MSc in Addiction Studies at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London.
The course is a mixture of blended learning, with face-to-face lectures being held in February 2018. It is open to all UKCTAS researchers as well as students of the MSc in Addiction Studies.

In 2018 the course will be offered to those outside of UKCTAS but this may come with extra fees, please contact Sadie for more information.

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Upcoming Modules and Courses:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses in 2018:

"Nicotine and Tobacco CPD"
21st - 24th May 2018
University of Stirling

Successfully introduced in 2015, the course is aimed at professionals working in a range of organisations who are interested in public health and policy. The module is taught by leading academics and practitioners.

In addition to the topics covered on our previous tobacco control CPD, we will also be examining in detail the current evidence on tobacco harm reduction, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-containing devices.

*NEW FOR 2018*

"Alcohol Policy in Practice CPD"
Dates to be confirmed
University of Stirling

The line-up for our 2017 course, featured some exciting new inputs as part of an International Workshop “The Ubiquity of Alcohol” which focused on marketing, availability and industry influence.

The 2017 course featured new lectures from Professor Mike Daube from Curtin University in Australia, and Professor Karine Gallopel-Morvan from the E-HESP (School of Public Health) in Rennes, France. Returning highlights included advocacy training from the Institute of Alcohol Studies & Balance Northeast; Prof Jeff Collin (Edinburgh) and Dr John Holmes (Sheffield). We are currently working out the programme for next years course, subscribe below to get regular updates from UKCTAS.
More information about the course in 2017

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Our training programme allows expertise held by senior staff to be imparted to early career researchers and the wider research and professional community.

Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol Symposium
June 5-9th 2017
University of Sheffield

In June 2017 the annual Kettil Bruun Society (KBS) Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol Symposium will be held in Sheffield, UK.

The principal aims of KBS are to investigate social, epidemiological and cross-cultural research on alcohol use, to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences among researchers from various disciplines and to encourage international collaboration.

The conference is generously supported by the Institute for Alcohol Studies, Alcohol Research UK, and the Society for the Study of Addiction.

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KBS2017 Official Website

Wednesday 20th June 2017
University of Stirling

Alcohol is no ordinary commodity but its presence and marketing seem ubiquitous. In this workshop, we will explore how policymakers, public health experts and researchers are responding to industry efforts to expand the presence and normality of alcohol in our lives. With inputs from leading international researchers and advocates we will explore alcohol marketing and availability in a digital age; industry manoeuvres, and potential countermeasures.

This workshop is organised by the University of Stirling in conjunction with the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS), a Public Health Research Centre of Excellence which includes 13 universities (


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